6 biggest car shows and motoring events of 2020
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6 biggest car shows and motoring events of 2020

car shows

6 biggest car shows and motoring events of 2020

Geneva motor show

The Geneva motor show is the most significant international event taking place purely for cars and car enthusiasts. It has been around since almost a century. It started life in 1905 when it helped the launch of many premium car brands like Mercedes Benz and already famous rollers. It has some fresh and innovative concepts and designs which have been done by one of the world’s finest craftsmen. It is truly a Mecca for all car enthusiasts and motoring journalists from all over the world.

London motor show

London motor show

Easily the largest motor show in and around of the United Kingdom is London motor show, which showcases many concepts and preproduction cars around the world or maybe the ones heading to the shores of the kingdom. It was inaugurated by the Queen herself in around the 1980s. It has many testing arenas and test drives. It has even some formula 1 driver who makes it to the stage to share their experiences about the sport. It is a very Pompous and grand event.

Formula 1

Easily the best Motorsport in the world involving fire breathing 1000 horse-powered machines with a tiny engine making for a very high rev limiter. Guess the rev limiter on an F1 car, it is about 20,000 rpm, which is mind-boggling and insane at the same time. This sport has a rich history with some historic drivers like Aerton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Alan Prost. One has to see a race to believe it and definitely will be wonderstruck for sure. It is one of the costliest sport in the world.

Isle of Man TT

If you want a surge of the adrenaline rush, then you have to see the Isle of Man TT race. Mind numbingly crazy rides and racers take on the course of Isle of Man at an insane speed of about 200+miles an hour. This race has caused a massive number of the death toll, indeed, but the excitement and adrenaline rush is on another scale. Some notable mentions do include Guy Martin, who is a legend to be looked up to. He has the most wins in the race.

Isle of Man

Moto GP

It is the ultimate sport for bikers all over the world. It is the place for almost all the bike manufacturers to showcase their bikes potential and even introduce newer platform bikes. All the major brands in the world like Yamaha, Ducati and many more use it as a platform to advertise and show off the capabilities of their bikes on the track. Some relevant mentions do include Valentino Rossi. Marc Marquez, is the Pinnacle of the Motorsport.


One of the world’s toughest enduro races which take place in the harshest of the environment Mother Nature has to offer which is in West Africa. It is the most dangerous and the most fun to watch races. Even here, just like Moto GP companies do showcase their models. This race includes all vehicles starting from a two-wheeler bike up till a mega truck.

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